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About Danielle:

Danielle is most likely the first person you will meet or speak to on the phone, because she runs the Atlas reception. No – it’s not just answering the phone; she coordinates everything that is happening at the centre. Danielle has a degree in Biomedical Science and so she also performs numerous progress examinations to check our Client's progress during their care with us. She also assists Rachel with the New Patient Exams. Danielle is very well-liked by our clients probably because she is the ‘sweet girl next door’ and nothing is too much trouble for her.

She is currently studying for a post graduate diploma in spinal therapy so that she may begin her 2 year apprenticeship to become one of our specialists.

About Kornelia:

Kornelia is our front desk clinical assistant making sure everything is running smoothly. Kornelia has two things that are very close to her heart, the first being that our customer service is delivered to the highest standards. She wants to make sure that the Atlas Wellness Centre is a place where you get the warmest, most friendly welcome and after-care. Kornelia is very hard-working and has a passion for looking after people. She is very health conscious which means she follows a strict diet and training schedule. She has a degree in English and gave up a successful career as a fashion model and came over from Poland 3 years ago and has been a valued member of the Atlas team since then. Her photos have been featured in Vogue Poland and various other fashion magazines.

About Katelynn:

Katelynn is part of the clinical team joining Dr Peter and Rachel, she has a natural aptitude for working with people and provides first class reconstructive care. So you are as likely to see her at your first visit for your consultation and for your clinical examination. You may even see her at our public health screenings which she helps to head up with Kirsten. Katelynn has a strong passion for helping people to enjoy the best health of their lives.

She holds a university validated BSc in Sports Therapy and a post graduate diploma in spinal therapy.

About Rachel:

You will usually meet Rachel at your first visit to the centre, she is in charge of the New Patient examinations. You might also see Rachel again for your Report of Findings. After graduation Rachel went on to take a post graduate diploma in spinal therapy. You will definitely meet Rachel in the Procedure Theatre, where she works side by side with Peter. The common joke is that both are the perfect ‘working couple’. Just one warning! If you do need scar release on your soft tissues then Rachel is probably the toughest person to do it – she is a lot stronger than she looks (don’t be fooled by the angelic face!!) After reading the Atlas newsletter you will soon realise that Rachel loves (both equally) good food and clothes. The biggest thing you realise when getting to know Rachel more is that she has a very big heart. She cares about people and wants to actively support them in adopting a better lifestyle for themselves.

Outside of the centre Rachel's passion is fashion (she's absolutely crazy about it), also, she loves going to watch athletics and going to concerts with her friends to see her favourite boy bands!

About Kirsten:

Kirsten is probably the person you are least likely to meet. She works a lot 'behind' the scenes and also sets up health screenings in and around Bedfordshire. More importantly she is very focused on being the "best mum ever" raising and home educating her young son and daughter in the wellness lifestyle. One of Kirsten’s great passions is healthy food such as Raw Food Cuisine and the Paleo Diet. If you love to learn how to prepare delicious, healthy meals (including desserts!), you must come to one of the wonderful workshops that Kirsten and Rachel run. They are very popular! Kirsten also loves exercise, specifically Crossfit and Yoga. She is a registered chiropractor and a certified GAPS nutritionist.

About Peter:

If you don’t meet him during your examination then you are likely to meet Peter at your Report of Findings, when he goes through your examination results. Most of the day Peter is working in the Adjustment Theatre, where he re-constructs client’s spines and restores nervous system function together with Rachel. In 2005 Peter graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Since then he’s completed numerous post-graduate courses all over the world and become a world leading Spinal Specialist and a Natural Wellness Specialist, addressing the ‘whole’ person including their lifestyle choices. Peter’s great love for technology has seen him drive Atlas Wellness to invest in the most up to date and complete set of technologies available today in this field. Peter spends much of his time reading scientific research as he is currently authoring two books, the first of which will be published next year.


Peter Olsson is not and does not hold himself out as or to be a Chiropractor. Whilst he has numerous qualifications (including a diploma in electroencephalography, a BSc in neuromusculoskeletal science and a masters degree in chiropractic) he is not a registered chiropractor but as a wellness expert and specialist is able to offer to clients services wider in scope which include the provision of non-invasive structural rehabilitation of the spine, functional rehabilitation of the nerve system and education in the latest sciences of nutrition, exercise, emotional wellbeing and health care. Accordingly nothing on this website or in any literature or in any conversations relating to the services offered or provided should or are to be read construed or understood as holding out in any way that Peter Olsson is a registered chiropractor and any client accepts any services and consultancy provided strictly with that knowledge and on that understanding.

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*" ... it's just amazing!"

Malcolm & Pat Pete

Atlas Wellness Centre (Atlas): Can you tell me your names, please?

Malcolm: Yes, Malcolm James Pete.

Pat: Pat Pete.

Atlas: And what made you want to come and see us in the first place.

Malcolm: Well, I’ve been suffering with severe pain in lower back and legs for two, three years really. I had several hip operations which supposedly were designed to cure the problem. But they had absolutely no effect and I would say in desperation, I saw your advertisement in the local paper. It sounded very good. So I thought, “Let’s give this a try.”

Atlas: And how would you say that having the health problems affected your life before you came in?

Malcolm: It stopped me doing most things that I enjoy doing. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t go for walks. I couldn’t garden. Found it extremely difficult to do any jobs around the house and was virtually confined to a wheelchair.

Atlas: And how would you say things have changed since you started having the care here?

Malcolm: Since I’ve had the care, I’ve lost 95 percent of all the pain that I was suffering with. I rarely use the wheelchair now unless in fact I’m – got a lot of walking to do and I can rely on a walking frame and now I can get about comfortably with a walking frame. My only problem now is that it has been so long since I’ve walked that I’ve got to build up my stamina and balance before I can really try to walk without any support at all.

Atlas: And Pat, would you say you noticed changes with Malcolm?

Pat: Definitely. He’s not taking any painkillers now. He was on quite a lot of painkillers. Within about three weeks to a month, he had dispensed with all the painkillers. It’s so good for both of us. He’s much more independent. I don’t have to push him around in a wheelchair, so it has made a lot of difference to my life too. Yeah, it’s just amazing!

Atlas: Excellent. What would you say to someone who’s maybe a bit worried, a bit – about coming here for the first time?

Malcolm: I would tell them to come along without any concerns at all. I found the people – all of the people I’ve come in contact with to be very helpful. They explain what’s going to happen and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. But the benefits can be immense.

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