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Complete a Few Simple Forms

When you visit Atlas Wellness Centre for the first time, one of our staff will welcome you as a member of the family. To get started, we will need some information about you and your medical history. If you have questions about the forms or need help, simply ask one of our staff. Your information is kept strictly confidential.

Initial Consultation

After completing the forms, you will meet with a health expert to discuss your health-related problems and concerns. We will determine your expectations and accurately determine if we’re a good match. Most patients discover there’s a strong probability of success at this stage.

Initial Examination

After the initial consultation, one of our expert practitioners will complete a full examination. Our experts will test structure and nerve function. We only perform examinations after we have fully explained what will happen – and with your full consent. 

X-Ray Studies

X-Rays… as you would expect… can be extremely revealing. X-Rays help us “see” the problems that might be impacting your health. Most patients are amazed when they see their X-Rays. Why? Because the X-Rays reveal numerous health issues. In many cases, patients can even identify their misalignments and degeneration themselves. They can only be taken if clinically indicated.

Detailing What’s Going On

After the full examination we will need a day or so to fully analyse your tests. We will aim show you the results as soon as we can. A member of our team of health experts will provide a detailed report of all findings and provide the following information.

  • How we can help you reach your health goals.
  • How often you need to visit Atlas Wellness Centre.
  • A clear description of any costs.
  • If you need to see other health care providers.

The decision to move forward with your programme is yours. We will not pressure you. We will simply provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision.

Your First Procedure

At the end of the initial appointment, you can choose the timing of your first procedure to repair the problem. This may include physical therapy and/or soft tissue work. Feedback is essential – so you can tell us when the procedure is providing you with relief. There are many techniques and we strive to find the correct method – based on our expertise and your feedback.

The Next Step – Wellness Programme

After the initial stage of care and you've had a set of procedures, one of our staff will suggest a fitness and wellness programme to accelerate and maintain your progress at home.

The programme will usually include recommendations for:

  • Activities and positions to avoid
  • Home exercise
  • Stretches
  • Healthy habits and routines

Each plan is fully customised based on your health needs and wellness goals. We create each wellness programme to help you achieve optimal spinal alignment, a healthy diet, sensible but regular exercise… plus a positive mental state.

Let’s Get Started

Relief from your physical pain and suffering starts with the initial consultation. To book yours, phone 01234 340317 or contact us here. For a limited time, your initial consultation is just £43… that’s a savings of £202.

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*" ... it's just amazing!"

Malcolm & Pat Pete

Atlas Wellness Centre (Atlas): Can you tell me your names, please?

Malcolm: Yes, Malcolm James Pete.

Pat: Pat Pete.

Atlas: And what made you want to come and see us in the first place.

Malcolm: Well, I’ve been suffering with severe pain in lower back and legs for two, three years really. I had several hip operations which supposedly were designed to cure the problem. But they had absolutely no effect and I would say in desperation, I saw your advertisement in the local paper. It sounded very good. So I thought, “Let’s give this a try.”

Atlas: And how would you say that having the health problems affected your life before you came in?

Malcolm: It stopped me doing most things that I enjoy doing. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t go for walks. I couldn’t garden. Found it extremely difficult to do any jobs around the house and was virtually confined to a wheelchair.

Atlas: And how would you say things have changed since you started having the care here?

Malcolm: Since I’ve had the care, I’ve lost 95 percent of all the pain that I was suffering with. I rarely use the wheelchair now unless in fact I’m – got a lot of walking to do and I can rely on a walking frame and now I can get about comfortably with a walking frame. My only problem now is that it has been so long since I’ve walked that I’ve got to build up my stamina and balance before I can really try to walk without any support at all.

Atlas: And Pat, would you say you noticed changes with Malcolm?

Pat: Definitely. He’s not taking any painkillers now. He was on quite a lot of painkillers. Within about three weeks to a month, he had dispensed with all the painkillers. It’s so good for both of us. He’s much more independent. I don’t have to push him around in a wheelchair, so it has made a lot of difference to my life too. Yeah, it’s just amazing!

Atlas: Excellent. What would you say to someone who’s maybe a bit worried, a bit – about coming here for the first time?

Malcolm: I would tell them to come along without any concerns at all. I found the people – all of the people I’ve come in contact with to be very helpful. They explain what’s going to happen and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. But the benefits can be immense.

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